Commercial Update: US Market Access Deals

Commercial Update: US Market Access Deals

One of Partis' most in-demand services in the US is facilitating market access deals. As of April 1 2021, Partis has completed or is working on more than 50 market access license transactions across 20+ states with a total value exceeding $750M.

Highlights of the past few months include:

>> Multi-state strategic transactions with Caesars for both Carousel and PlayUp

>> Brokering 6 market access deals in Colorado

>> Brokering 3 market access deals in Ohio

>> Brokering 4 market access deals in New Jersey

>> Betsson's first US market access deal

Partis is the leading advisory on market access deals in the US and is trusted by our clients to deliver highly valuable outcomes across a range of corporate services.

To enquire about our market access services, contact us at: